We are Adhese

We create a level playing field for publishers and advertisers
We guarantee full control, transparency and correct data-ownership
Your strategy is what matters; there are no hidden plans and no conflicts of interest

We bring you

Adhese Gateway:
Demand & Supply Optimisation
  • Connecting any demand to any supply
  • With unique cookie-less setups
  • Independent with full transparency
  • Server-side tech; fast, accurate and scalable
  • Centralised control for all connections
  • Format and platform-agnostic including video and in-app
  • Centralised data, all data is yours
  • Let’s build the next market
Adhese Adserver:
Be in total control
  • Over ten years of experience
  • Fully independent
  • Gives you full control of your data
  • Format and platform agnostic
  • Create your own best of breed set-up
  • For publishers, brands and agencies
  • Works to your strategy

Unique cookie-less setups

We provide the technology and the know-how to work with consent and no-consent traffic, either with cookies, without cookies, or a mix of both.
Adhese handles direct campaigns AND programmatic with a select, but growing, group of demand partners.

Read the case report of our client Ster.nl where Adhese provided a full cookie-less setup.