Adhese Gateway: the future of header bidding

A server-side header bidding solution for all supply and demand

Maximise Revenue and User Experience

We offer simplicity. We combine demand and supply in the best way possible, connecting multiple SSPs, DSPs, ad exchanges… to any type of inventory you have on offer.

We offer transparency. Every bid and every connection is fully traceable and logged, enabling you to analyse and optimise your strategy.

We offer flexibility. Do you want to offer one part of the inventory to one specific party? Only offer this dataset set to another party? Create a new exclusive connection with a direct partner? It’s all in your hands and manageable in real-time.

Adhese Gateway is secure, flexible, and designed to put you in control of your data while maximising your revenue and user experience.

We believe in data privacy: read more here.

Our uniqueness

Others might claim, we do!

Why Gateway

Adhese Gateway is 100% independent, works with any type of inventory and connects any SSP, DSP, marketplace...

We provide fast, secure server-side connections. Our proprietary server-side tech tackles all the problems publishers face when connecting to several demand partners and creates new solutions to work together.

Adhese Gateway ensures full transparency and builds trusted relationships between buyers and sellers.

Detailed, real-time reporting provides unparalleled insights into campaign performance, fillrate and user syncing across all channels and ad formats. All data is also available to you for further analysis, and the data is guaranteed yours.

Adhese Gateway is your partner when you want to secure future-proof control and autonomy. As an autonomous player in the market, you can be assured of a no strings attached service.

If you already have prebid active, Gateway will connect quickly and seamlessly. If not, we will gladly help you with the full setup.