Adhese Adserver: be in total control

A platform that enables publishers control a network of channels with various ad formats, advanced targeting and emerging platforms.

The Adhese Adserver creates an efficient way to gain a strategic overview of your audiences and allows publishers to target the right people on any device with any ad format across multiple networks.

Combined with the Adhese Gateway, we streamline revenue sources and technology integration for publishers. By moving the entire process to the server, Adhese Gateway maximises the value of every impression and allows RTB to compete with premium ads and other revenue sources.

Adhese never shares your data, putting publishers in total control of every aspect of digital marketing.

All you need to get started is a single implementation on your channels and platforms.

Our uniqueness

Others might claim, we do!

Unique stand on data: ePrivacy at the core of all we do

We offer you guaranteed ownership of all your data.

Aside from connecting all your available internal data assets, we also offer data-secure and GDPR-proof means to connect to any external partner.
Read more on gateway and our data policy.

Format and Platform Agnostic

Display, mobile, video, in-app, DOOH, radio…
If it connects to the internet, we can integrate.

From static ads to dynamic ads, to native, to content, to articles, shop recommendations, mail requests, setups where we control the paywall… all possible responses to someone visiting your network.

Your message, to anyone, everywhere, anytime.

Fast, agile and scalable

Adhese Adserver is built to be fast. We believe ads and content should load in real-time. In combination with Adhese Gateway, we strive for the quickest load in programmatic.

We integrate and adapt tailored to what the market needs (JSON Integration, Safeframes in-app).

Adhese can entirely run in the cloud, so if you grow or are already massive, we've got you covered.

Adhese Adserver is also for Agencies and Brands

Optimal communication and a holistic media solution

As a brand, you want to reach out to your customers anytime, anywhere, be it on your network or beyond. With over a decade of experience and proven technology, we offer the critical solutions your brand needs.

Adhese allows you to communicate, promote or sell on your internal network or any external network in full transparency and based on your needs and requirements.

We guarantee data protection and ownership while providing the means to work with this data in GDPR-proof setups.

And we have specific solutions for retail and online shelve space selling, feel free to discover them with us.

Enhance your programmatic strategy

Do you want to take control of your programmatic endeavours? Or secure your data and strategies, create the best personal setups with publishers? Let us show how Adhese Adserver and Gateway combined can offer the best future-proof setup.

Take control; it is yours.